Saturday, November 15, 2008

The End of the Road

Another "globe" image from Anne Ruthmann Photography

We've come to the end of the road for Map Week here at Under A Paper Moon, but I'd like to leave you with some other map inspiration from around blog land this week.

In a sweet post for her friend, Emma from White & Wander, Kimberlee of Brown Button showed off some globes this week too.

Please sir posted lovely map-inspired art by John Mann.

Did you see the beautiful globe in the Sneak Peek for Dolan Geiman on Design*Sponge?

Anne of The City Sage was so thoughtful to pass along this link to Chez Larson on creating a map-covered lampshade.

And that, my friends, is it. I hope you've enjoyed Map Week, and rest assured, there will be more maps to come sometime down the road.

Wherever in the world you are this weekend, I hope you're having a wonderful one!

Worldly Goods {Part 2}

I love this pillow of French streets by Bonjour mon coussin. Didn't we see this week that French words make everything seem more adorable? Well, most specifically those spoken by one precious little girl! If you haven't witnessed this cuteness already, check it out here and here, and then tell me if your heart doesn't just melt!

Oh yes, back to the pillow- Je l'adore (um, is that conjugated correctly? My French is terribly rusty!)

The pillows below show flight and nautical charts, and I love them for their illustrations as much as their maps. The "Aeroplane" pillow also speaks to this item on my to-do list!

Charm School Design

Also, I adore the color grey and think it's possible the Pirate Ship pillow could be happy residing in our bedroom (well, we don't have a nautical look, but the color certainly would go!)

Charm School Design

The sweetness of these birds kills me! Aren't they nearly too cute for words?

Map Birds from Cotton Bird Designs

With these map plates, I think I might race to finish my food just so I could study the streets beneath!

City Plates at notNeutral, Map Plates at Pedlars

This would not only be a lovely coffee table book, but certainly an interesting read as well.


And lastly if you are looking for a personal piece of artwork, you might want to check out these original commission map collages from Selflesh. Jane of Ill Seen, Ill Said had one commissioned to connect the two places with the greatest hold on her heart- (Dublin) Ireland and (Toronto) Canada. The work certainly speaks to the way multiple places can tug at our heartstrings and how we can be at home in one place and still feel the pull of another.

Worldly Goods {Part 1}

As things draw to a close on Map Week, I'm bringing you some map-inspired pieces for your life and your home. I've found too many goodies to fit in one post, so make sure you check back later for Part 2!

This first item comes to us from Amsterdam. Wouldn't it be lovely to own this vintage, pull-down map of Eastern Europe?

Juffrouw Splinter Curiosia (thanks to Pia for sharing this favorite of hers!)

Oh, how I love the idea of these "Stitching Postcards." The card is sold with a needle and thread so you can indicate routes you've taken or places you've been.

I'd love to send one to a far-away friend following a weekend visit, or when E was deployed, I would've loved to send one to him, marking the distance between us with a threaded line!

Here is another group of postcards, but this set of 20 is made from a replica of an 18th-century map of London.

A map paperweight may give you a daily escape or reminder of a place you'd like to be.

Carolina Cottage

The card below is one of many map-inspired products available through UK-based Esty shop Bombus (I had seen their shop before, but Tina at Luphia Design Blog was so sweet to remind me about their map-related work this week! She posted on Bombus earlier this fall and shows a wonderful selection of their work in her post.)

Cavallini & Co. can always be counted on for their beautiful products, and this calendar of vintage world maps certainly appears to continue that legacy.

You can find another vintage map for your walls here.

For an incredible selection of world, country, state, and even city maps, you must check out this company.

Instead of using one large or multiple small maps to paper your walls, you might chose a map-printed wallpaper instead. Ralph Lauren has a large selection of map-themed wallpapers including this, this, this, and this.

Lastly, if you need any help reading the small-print on maps, this would be a great choice.

Stay tuned for Part 2; it is filled with map-inspired pieces specifically for the home!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chris Kenny

The work of British artist Chris Kenny made the blog rounds a few months ago and was featured on Design*Sponge today, but, as his pieces still captivate me and fit so perfectly with this week's theme, I couldn't pass on posting them. His work, created out of map pieces, awes me with its intricacy and use of color.

Global Beauties

If money were no object, I would certainly add one of these incredible globes to my possessions. While they are all stunning, and I'd truly be thrilled to have any, I am madly in love with the first one.

If you want to brush up on reading a globe, you should click here. Things were going well until I got to "part L." No idea. If I ever learned that one, and one would guess I did, I've completely forgotten it since then. And, well, alright, while I did remember the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, I must admit I did not remember which was what!

Going Global

I, apparently along with many others in the blog world, was smitten with Andrea of Hula Seventy's house tour on Cafe Mom this week.

The house is brimming with unique collections, and it is lovely in its cozy, inviting and livable design. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited by the collection of globes in her home!

Then, as I was cruising through flickr looking for globe images, I came across these. I admired the collections, and then I realized- um, yep... these are Andrea's too!

girlhula's flickr

I searched through her flickr to see if there were any more home photos. There were. Including the image below... yes, globes & maps! Love.

girlhula's flickr

I also love this image by Anne Ruthmann Photography. It is such an incredibly fun photo and certainly leaves me wanting to know more about the wedding.

Anne Ruthmann Photography

Lastly, I don't know what or where this is (ok, the tag says Maine, but I don't know the details.) However, a globe of this size? Amazing.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How It's Made {Globes}

This video is a little long- close to five minutes- but it's worth the watch if you like to see how things are made. I found the process of manufacturing globes completely fascinating! And, at the end of the video, I loved seeing all the globes moving across the ceiling of the factory. Pretty cool.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Map maker, Map maker, Make me a Map*

I couldn't let Wedding Wednesday during Map Week pass without mentioning some of the wonderful hand-drawn maps that are available for use as a Save-the-Date or as part of your wedding stationery.

My mom and I, with our mutual love for maps, knew that we'd both love to see a hand-drawn map included in my wedding invitations. Since I designed and hand-screened my own invitations, I knew I wanted the map to fit with the look and feel of the rest of the suite; luckily for me, my mom volunteered to draw the map. Had I not had my mom's artistic talent to utilize, I would certainly have loved to use any of these women.

For those of you who are curious, my mom's handiwork is below. The map is on the inside of a folded card (the front of the card shows the outline of the state of Texas with a chapel serving as the "x marks the spot.")

And, I know what my mom is going to say when she sees this. She is going to say, "Oh, I wish I'd had more time to work on the map!" Because she started saying that almost immediately after we finished putting them together.

You all don't know this, but we planned the majority of our wedding in three months. So, more time to work on the map? I know she would have liked that, but, I LOVE what she did anyways! My favorite part, and that of many of our guests, was the Longhorn on the south side of the map (along the interstate) You really pass longhorns when driving north out of Austin towards where we live!

Image from Mom

*Yes, I know those aren't the real lyrics...

**Due to technical difficulties, this post didn't quite make it up while it was still Wednesday...

A Room Reveals A Wedding {The Road to My Heart}

In keeping with the theme of the week, today's Wedding Wednesday features a map inspired "A Room Reveals A Wedding." This room, which was seen in my last post, is lovely in its simplicity.

For the inspiration board, I imagined a wedding that had those same qualities. As opposed to heavy florals in the decor, there would be an emphasis on candles and their warm light. There would, of course, be a nod to maps, and the color scheme would be white and black, with the addition of warm browns (echoing the wood floor and end table in the inspiration room.)

The Room
Jim Franco via Desire to Inspire

The Wedding

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Neutral Stance

Here is today's second set of rooms where maps serve as a focal point. Where the first set of maps were quite colorful, these are decidedly neutral, but certainly no less interesting!

Joni's Office- Cote de Texas

Cote de Texas

Jim Franco via Desire to Inspire

I truly like both types, and it would depend on the setting as to which I would prefer. Tell me, do you have a preference? Do you like the colorful maps or something more neutral?

Color My World

Yesterday's post looked at maps that cover entire walls in rooms, but today's posts features maps that, while still providing a focal point to the room, are smaller in scale.

This first group highlights maps that display their borders and terrains in varying colors.

Architectural Digest

Living etc.

Check back later today for maps that are more subdued than these colorful beauties.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Where in the World...

I have always loved maps, a love I inherited from my mom. I can stare at maps for what feels like hours and still enjoy looking at them time and again. I love understanding where places are, their relations to each other, and the distances in between.

In the upstairs hallway of my parent's house, a map of the United States hangs on the wall. It is outside the kids' bathroom (although, none of us are so much "kids" anymore,) and my youngest brother and I have been known to meet in front of the map to mull it over.

Nan Whitney via Desire to Inspire

He and I stare at the dots and lines marking states and cities, rivers and lakes. We remember places we've lived or where friends and loved ones have resided. We look at places we have visited or those where we would still like to go.

Kerry Joyce Associates

With the world growing closer and becoming more interconnected with each passing year, it seems more important than ever to have an understanding of the places that make up this planet we all call home.


I've been made ever-more aware of the "smallness" of the world through this blog, as some of first bloggers to reach out to me were from countries far from my own, including Australia and France. It's made me remember they aren't that far away after all.

Absolutely Beautiful Things

Over the next few days, I'll be looking at maps, and I'm starting with these rooms that take decorating with maps to the extreme. I love that entire walls- entire rooms even- are papered with outlines of countries, territories, and the like.

kbreenbo's flickr

These rooms are just the type of spaces where I would undoubtedly be happy to return again and again. I would feel there was always something new for me to discover as I took in my surroundings.

I would also like to ask you, dear readers, where in this world are you? I know I'm already aware of some of those answers, but I would enjoy hearing them all the same! I'd love if you'd leave me a comment and let me know from where you hail! As you now know, I love any excuse to pour over a map!