Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Door Closes

As a six year old, I couldn't imagine ever wanting to move away from my parents' home. Not to go to college. Not even to get married... most especially to get married! So I told my mom exactly that.

True to her fashion, she assured me I would never have to leave if I still felt the same when I was older. She said I could always attend college while living with them, and her words and promises soothed me.

Of course, once I was a senior in high school, our conversation was almost long forgotten to me as I began excitedly envisioning life on a college campus; the thought of choosing a school so I could live with my parents never crossed my mind.

Then, over the coming months, as I found myself saying goodbye to my childhood home and the city where I'd grown up, I began to feel that old desire to never have to leave. That summer, as the days before I left for school grew fewer, I continually reminded myself, "change is good," as I tried to accept moving forward and letting go.

I've moved more than a few times since then, and each move, I've been faced with a combination of excitement for what lies ahead and sadness for what I'm leaving behind. Each place I've left has become part of me. Each new place I've come to love.

Last month, I found myself once again coming to terms with moving forward and letting go, as E and I finally sold our house in central Texas. While it was a long-anticipated event, it still came laden with conflicting emotions as I said goodbye to a home that played witness to many important moments in our lives.

We opened and closed the doors to multiple chapters in those rooms; there we began dating, became engaged, and then married. In our little brick house we celebrated both our wedding days and became a family of four by welcoming two dogs into our lives.

It was where we spent our last hours together before E's two deployments and where we reunited following many long months apart. Then, between those walls, we transitioned from a military life to a civilian one.

The night my parents left me in my freshman dorm room, I was overwhelmed by a mix of sadness, happiness, and hope for the promise of what lie ahead; I strongly felt each of those emotions again in the tear-filled moment when E and I stood in our kitchen and said our final goodbye to a place brimming with more memories than we could count.

I've made my peace with letting go of our first home, although I know there will be days when I ache to return to that place and time in our past. And I'm happy to be moving forward as it means we're growing closer to having our "boys" home again.

We've begun house-hunting here in Houston and are looking forward to settling into a new set of rooms. Rooms that will provide the backdrop for new memories during this next chapter in our lives. Rooms that will also someday, though hopefully not too soon, be hard to leave behind as I find myself again working on moving forward. And letting go.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Celebrating Summer

I'm having a hard time believing we've already reached the last weekend in June. Every year, I make a mental note to take time to fully enjoy summer and all the things I love about it. To savor the season the way I did when I was little.

Evan Sklar

But, for some reason, time refuses to move as slowly as it did then. As much as I adore Fall and the sweaters, boots, and tights that come with it, I always find myself surprised by its arrival and slightly disappointed another summer has come and gone without feeling I've celebrated it to its fullest.

Randy Harris Photography

While my days don't promise to be leisurely this summer, I am trying to make sure I embrace as many of my favorite things about this time of year as I can; I am hoping this will help me feel I enjoyed the season as much as possible by the time cool air start to blow again.

Union Photography

I've made my most-loved gazpacho recipes and experimented with new additions. I've enjoyed Hawaiian Shaved Ice, gelato, frozen yogurt, and popsicles, foods I enjoy year-round, but are certainly required eating in hotter months. I've even been able to spend a couple hours lakeside.

Katie Baum via 20x200

I intend to keep adding to my list over the coming months, and I am going to do some work towards reaching my goal right now as E and I head out to grab some of our favorite gelato! I hope whatever your plans, your weekend is full of simple delights of the season too. Have a great one!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{Early} Moments- The Groom

As part of our Moments series, we've had quite an in-depth look at the {Early} Moments of a bride's wedding day, as she spends time getting ready to meet her love, but now we'll take a glance at the groom as he prepares for the big day too.

Julie & Adam- Our Labor of Love

These images certainly make me wish we had photos of E dressing on our second wedding day, and even though they aren't so professional, it makes me glad my friend snapped a few shots of him getting ready on our first. If you're married, do you have photos of your spouse in these early moments of your big day, or if you're getting married, do you plan to have someone capture them?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Authority Always Wins

It may seem commonplace to find a trunk, a bench, chairs or even a loveseat at the foot of a bed, and although it might seem like a trite formula, I believe it is a smart use of space.

House Beautiful


Elle Decor

If a room can accommodate their placement, the addition of these pieces is a perfect way to add seating or extra storage. They can give you a place to slip on your shoes, to read, or to watch television.

Elle Decor

Southern Living

Coastal Living

I must admit, however, if you are at all like E or me, there can be a dark side to these pieces too-- they can become a staging point for my mortal enemy, clutter.

L: Stylist- Rachel Roberts R: Elle Decor

I am definitely a maximalist, so keeping clutter contained seems to require a constant effort on my part; all too easily an innocent chair becomes a place where a stack of folded laundry decides to rest after getting lost on the way to the dresser, where discarded clothing takes up temporary residence after being unable to decide between returning to the closet or going to the hamper, or where a bag housing a store return will often overstay its welcome.

Anne Coyle Interiors

Elle Decor

Courtney Giles

While I can't actually say authority always wins in my battle with clutter, I will continue to fight to keeping chairs free of such vagabonds items in the name of design. Tell me, do any of your belongings exhibit such a blatant disregard for the rules or do they always do as they should?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Time Keeps Slipping Away

My time in the Northeast was wonderful; E and I were able to see many people we love, and we had a great time in the city as well. We hit some favorites spots, went to a few new places and were thrilled to experience this in person!

Melanie Acevedo

Getting back into the swing of things following my trip has proved difficult; between work and personal obligations, I've been away from Under A Paper Moon for longer than intended!

Melanie Acevedo

Please accept these flowers as an apology and know I will be back with another post soon. It's hard to believe it is already the weekend again, but whatever your weekend plans, have a great one!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Bright Lights, Big City

As long as I can remember, I have felt a pull between two opposites- a love for the countryside and a love for the city. While I am completely at peace in the country, there is something about big cities that makes my pulse race in the most exhilarating way.

Helena Palazzi Photography

The traffic. The noise. The people. The lights. The buildings. All of these things and more capture a piece of my heart.

Martin Rusch

I love staring out a window many stories in the air, taking in building upon building with skyscrapers lined up as far as the eye can see.

Helena Palazzi Photography

Especially at night. When light and darkness meet halfway.

Troy House Photography

For the next few days I will be in and around New York City, and my heart is filled with happiness. I have a weekend filled with not only the excitement of the city, but also the company of family and friends, ones who it has been too long since I've last seen.

Midweek, I move on to Massachusetts to spend time with some more close friends who I also haven't seen in far too many years, and I most likely will be MIA for a little over the next week; I hope during that time you have many moments of sweet bliss, as I intend to enjoy many of the same.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going to the Dogs

I've mentioned before how head over heels E and I are for our two dogs, so it might not be surprising we both desired to have them be part of our wedding celebration. While we weren't able to make it happen, I still love seeing when couples do include a furry, four-legged family member in their big day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Joyful, Joyful

When I was little, I loved the summer nights when my family would head out to hear the local symphony play at an outdoor theater. We would arrive with a blanket and a picnic basket and settle in to listening to the orchestra play while eating our dinner outside in beautiful weather.

Tec Petaja via Once Wed

Simply Bloom Photography via Green Weddings Shoes via C Star Events

Roland Bello Photography

Lorenzo Agius

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

I still think camping out on a blanket while listening to good music, savoring delicious food, and relishing the company of family and friends is a fantastic way to spend a night, and as the weather is not yet too hot, humid, and muggy here in Houston, I am looking forward to enjoying just such an evening tonight. Whatever your plans, I hope your weekend is full of things you take joy in too!