Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Big One

One year ago, today, I started writing Under A Paper Moon, and, looking back, part of me can't believe it's already been a year, while another part feels as though it's been much longer. Life is the same and very different too.

Mark Burstyn

One year ago, E and I were in the midst of a major life transition (admittedly, a transition we are still making.) At the end of E's second deployment and as his mandated time of active duty service was drawing to a close, we made the difficult decision to trade our military life for a civilian one.

A lot of life, for me, was spent looking ahead during that time. "When, when, when" chorused through my head often. When E gets home. When we figure out what is next. When we get settled again.

Writing a blog, where I could share my love of all aspects of design, revolved around one of those whens; I imagined once we were finally settled into the next chapter of our lives, I would begin writing, as I'd imagined doing almost since the first day I discovered the world of blogs.

I started planning for the moment that "when" would arrive. I contemplated names. Content. Features. I felt I needed everything to be thoroughly mapped out, to know each step I'd take, and the direction where I'd steer my blog before I began writing.

E's job search took longer than we'd anticipated, and, as life seemed even less certain, suddenly, I found myself faced with the realization that I needed to do something for me in the present.

Not "when," but now.

Life wasn't settled as I'd imagined it would be, nor did I have a completely clear picture of the road map for my blog. But, with E's encouragement, I simply began.

Although, this summer, I've been looking forward to this anniversary at the "end of August," today arrived with less fanfare than I'd planned, mostly because as life continues to whiz by, this first anniversary arrived much sooner than I expected!

Now, here I am, one year to the day and 245 posts since my very first one, and I'm feeling rather unprepared.

There is so much I couldn't have anticipated on Day 1, not least of all, the people I would meet through blogging. Whether we've met in real life or only talked through emails and comments, I've encountered so many warm, kind, and talented people since starting my blog and that has surely been the biggest unexpected joy of this whole experience.

I've been lucky to have support and encouragement from my family, especially E who has listened to all the ups and downs I've encountered while navigating this path, and for them, I am truly grateful.

I am also extremely grateful to all of you who, in a very busy world, carve out time to read, comment and share bits of yourself with me here; thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you'll join me as I venture into the second year of Under A Paper Moon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Whale of a Tale

While their preppy brethren are often adorable (as evident here, here, here and here,) I've found myself rather smitten with more nautical and slightly serious portrayals of whales.

The Splendid Present Ltd. via 1st Dibs
I've had a crush on this sweet guy for months now; I think what I adore most are his little teeth! With a $12,000 price tag, this antique weathervane won't be mine, but I do hope he finds a very happy home.

Also, for some whale artwork that would look perfectly at home in a little boy's bedroom, look here and here.