Friday, March 20, 2009

So, Sew Pretty

I have documented my love for sewing notions, including buttons, thread, patterns and fabric, and the inspiration to be drawn from them. I always find myself saving photos that highlight these pieces, and when I discovered this photo by Shanon Gass, available as one of the new spring wallpapers available from Kindred, brainchild of EZ and Holly, I was beyond ecstatic!

The variety of colors and shapes illustrates what I love about buttons, and the image is sure to make for a happy new desktop wallpaper. I may, however, decide I also want the photo for my real-life walls as well...

And some more sewing notions eye-candy. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pretty Maids All in a Row

While these surely aren't the lovely flowers in Mary's garden*, my heart gave a little flutter of excitement over these Zenith staplers. I have mentioned my love of office and school supplies before, but, I know, such excitement over a stapler! Still, I can't help but love its stylish lines and the variety of colors in which it is available-- I would have a hard time deciding on only one shade.

*Wow, it is always disturbing to see possible explanations behind childhood nursery rhymes; it's like when I was in sixth grade and first heard that "Ring Around the Rosie" was said to be referring to the bubonic plague!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Be Still My Beating Heart

I love maps, which those of you who've been reading for a while will probably remember from Map Week. As I was looking for items for a theme week I was planning (I did those once, right? Yes, I know it has been a while...) I stumbled across Etsy shop BananaStrudel.

BananaStrudel has a large collection of original antique maps as well as other other amazing antique prints, including architectural plans and details, illustrations of animals and insects, and diagrams of many other things that made me giddy with excitement.

As I looked through the extensive collection of affordable maps and prints, I found one piece after another that I wanted for me, for E, and for many of the people I know and love.

If antique maps and prints are up your alley, BananaStrudel is a shop that's certainly worth a look.