Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let There Be Light

image here

image here

I find such beauty in these photos by flickr user (((Joze Daniel))). I absolutely love the presence of the smudgy fingerprints in the top photo.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Chattanooga Choo Choo

The photo of this Aqua Towncraft suitcase (suitcase for sale from Etsy shop "bamabelle" and featured on the Etsy homepage) makes me want to jump into the 1940's, travel cross-country by train while wearing a smart skirt suit, stockings, a hat and pumps- aqua suitcase in hand (um, and never mind that the suitcase is from the 1950's...)

Oh! Perhaps the outfit I'd wear would look something like this.

Original Simplicity Pattern image from here

Too dressy? I suppose it doesn't matter if it is, seeing as I would also be traveling with a yet-to-be-made suitcase!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Golden Rule Days

image from here

Besides new clothes and seeing people after a summer away, the thing that always excited me about going back to school was new school supplies. Purchasing new notebooks was always such a thrill, their blank pages eagerly awaiting words and notes.

The notebooks had to be college rule (wide rule just didn't sit right with me) and over the years, I discovered an affinity for 5-Star by Mead, specifically the three or five subject ones. With their durable covers, folder dividers, and plenty of room to doodle in the margins, they were perfect for taking notes in class. I also loved any notebook or journal with unlined pages, as if they were challenging me to think creatively.

"Schoolwork" from Holden Gerber's flickr

Of course, new pens (more often blue ink than black, but at times red and purple, as well as gel pens in a multitude of colors) were needed to accompany the notebooks, as were a bevy of other supplies. Planner? Check. Folders? Check. Crayons? A large box of Crayola, thank you. Highlighters, colored pencils, and markers? Check, check, check!

I still feel a thrill when back to school supplies hit the shelves each year. I get the same rush I always did, though I have less need for those items now. I am perfectly happy to wander the aisles of an office supply store at any time of year; I still covet pens, markers, colored pencils, highlighters, planners, folders, and the like.

I have yet to break my obsession with notebooks and journals, with either college rule or blank pages still reigning supreme. Although I always carry a notebook in my purse, I purchase them more than I have use for now; slowly, my collection builds. However, anytime I stare longingly at a bound collection of blank pages, my husband, an enabler some may say, always sweetly asks, "Do we need to get some new notebooks for you?"

Yes, please.

Cavallini Green Bird on Black Notebook
The bird is so beautifully illustrated on this small notebook.

Cavallini Seaweed Notebook
The cover on this notebook is graced with a gorgeous vintage design

Paper Patisserie- Mini Journals Set
This set of four mini journals, housed in a hardcover slipcase, feels delicate and official, as if it were made just for holding a small collection of your own greatest works.

Hand-bound Leather Journal

There is something intriguing about this antique-looking journal by Etsy shop "lapaperie;" it feels as though you could have unearthed an undiscovered work of some great novelist or even stumbled upon the sweet memories of a true love story from days gone by.

French Cloud Notebook
From Etsy shop "rabbitandtheduck" comes this sweet fabric covered journal. Perhaps this would have helped motivate me to stick with French language classes, which I bailed on after "disappointing" myself by getting B's throughout the majority of my third year. It was hurting my GPA... yes, I was that type of student... I know!

Graphic Image Robin's Egg Leather Diary with Lock and Key
This beautiful journal just speaks to the child in us, who felt her secrets and dreams were so precious as to need to be guarded by lock and key.

SusyJack* Desk Notebook in Forsythia

I love the brief time of year when Forsythia are in bloom, their splash of vibrant yellow a welcome sight after the lack of color in winter. This eco-friendly notebook would make it possible to appreciate their beauty all year long.

SusyJack* Pencil Cup in Forsythia

Just as Forsythia add cheer to a bleak winter landscape, this pencil cup is sure to cheer up any desk.

Recycled Natural Wood Pencil Set

I am sucker for packaging, and I would take this sunny set of pencils, from Etsy shop "OhSmile," in a heartbeat.

SusyJack* Ring Jotter in Dunes
This brilliant eco-friendly "notebook" would be the perfect thing to carry in a small handbag!

Pool & Chartreuse Book Covering Kit
Poppy & Chocolate Book Covering Kit
If I had school books to cover, these beautiful kits in Pool & Chartreuse or Poppy & Chocolate would certainly do. Who wouldn't look forward to studying with these beauties?

SusyJack* 5 Good Fortune Clips
After a meal at a Chinese restaurant, I love pulling the piece of paper from a Fortune Cookie to discover what it has to say. I even find some that inspire me enough to save them, although they usually end up crickled in the bottom of my purse, only to be discovered the next time I clean it out. This set of five good fortune clips definitely puts those tiny slips of paper to better use! I'd use the clips to gather bills and other important pieces of mail into tidy and organized piles.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Three Elements

When one of my best friends from home, Abby, became engaged this past spring, I, of course, couldn't wait to hear about her planning; I LOVE talking about weddings! I may have driven her crazy with my questions trying to establish the look and feel she wanted for her wedding, and, I decided sending her some inspiration boards might help clarify for me, and perhaps her, what she hoped to see.

Abby was unsure if she wanted something traditional or a little more whimsical. She thought she might like a color scheme of black and white with either a combination of bright summer colors (magenta, orange, lime, etc.) or one specific color.

Original Color Considerations
all colors from COLOURlovers

Colors here, here, here, here, and here

We started with three inspiration boards, and, after viewing them, Abby decided a combination of all three spoke to what she wanted. Abby, then, selected a country club as the venue for her reception and wondered if she should still use bright, bold colors or just a pink that was softer in hue.

We established that she wanted to find a way to carry black onto the tables other than through the linens. She also thought she'd like to include a monogram throughout the wedding and possibly wanted to use a black and white stripe envelope lining.

Two more inspiration boards followed based on those changes to her visions for the day. I chose three elements that met the criteria she thought she wanted and showed how they could work in two very different feeling weddings.

The three images below are those three elements.

Utilizing Black Containers- Escort Card Display
Wedding: Sabrina and Conrad; photo: Laura Novak via

Thin Black and White Stripe for Envelope Liner
Image from here

Inspiration for Incorporating Monogram
Save the date from Wedding Paper Divas

The first board incorporates a slightly softer look with black, white and pink. It is an updated take on a traditional country club wedding.

Country Club Modern

First row: L to R-
La Sposa gown-, Anemone bouquet-,, black and white stripe-
Second Row: Save the Date- Wedding Paper Divas, Reception-Wedding of Stacey & Kyle- Photo: Marisu Wehrenberg via, Max & Cleo Dress-, Goat Cheese Collection- Williams-Sonoma
Third Row: Photo- Brooke Schwab Photography blog, flower girl- Stella Alesi Photography, Boutonniere photo- Jennifer Skog Photography blog, bouquet: Ariella Chezar Design via
Fourth Row: Escort Card Display- Wedding of Sabrina & Conrad- Photo: Laura Novak via, Wedding of Maggie & Jeff- Photo: Anna Kuperberg's Kuperblog, Black and White Cookie via

The second board includes the bright summer colors that Abby was drawn to originally. It features the same starting three elements as found in the board above.

Black and Bright

First Row: L to R-
Centerpiece- Wedding of Namrita & Roman- Photo: Elizabeth Messina via The Bride's Cafe, Diane von Furstenberg Dress from June 2008, Buckwheat Belinis-, black and white stripe-

Second Row: Save the Date- Wedding Paper Divas, Bouquet- Wedding of Sarah & Sean- Flowers: Yvonne Floral Design & Photo: Stefanie Riedel of Absolutely Loved via The Bride's Cafe, Matchbox Ring Shot- Wedding of Kathy & Mark- Photo: Our Labor of Love blog
Third Row: Centerpiece photo- Stella Alesi Photography via The Knot, Peaches Melba-, Escort Card Display- Wedding of Sabrina & Conrad- Photo: Laura Novak via Bride'
Fourth Row: Pronovias gown-, Shoes- Wedding of Sarah & J.W. via Our Labor of Love blog, Laduree Macaroons via Southern Weddings

These two inspiration boards illustrate that you can personalize your wedding to create a feel that is unique to your day, even when starting with the same elements at the beginning.

After looking at these boards, Abby decided she was still inclined to choose the bright colors she'd originally imagined. I know with my wedding, my color choices ended up changing further along in the planning process; as Abby's wedding is this upcoming summer, I'll be excited to see the end result and what evolution may occur in the design plans!

bklyn pillow

On my first Wedding Wednesday, it would be remiss of me not to mention the new venture of blogger Vane from Brooklyn Bride. She generated much interest after making not only the ring pillow for her own wedding, but also one for the wedding of fellow blogger, Erica of Thoughtful Day.

Now, she has opened her own shop, Bkyln Pillow, full of beautiful, eye-catching ring pillows. There is even an option to customize certain pillows with your own ribbon selection. With such a wide array of colors and styles, there is almost sure to be something to suit the taste of any bride.

all images from Bklyn Pillow

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things that make you go "Mmmm"

My wonderful husband made absolutely delicious grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner tonight; for me, grilled cheese is truly a comfort food. After a long and hard day, is there much better?

I devoured mine instantly, so this photo is from here.

Into the Woods

This bedroom, with its expanse of seamless windows, gives a feeling of being outdoors. It's like camping, only comfier, no?

Monday, September 1, 2008

For the Love of {Sweaters}

While I can't believe it is already September (and the weather outside certainly isn't hinting at a change of season,) the start of the new month seems like a perfect time to look forward to fall weather... and fashion!

One thing I love about fall clothing is the ability to throw on a cozy sweater to ward off the bluster of a chilly day; these grey numbers all seem to fit the bill perfectly.

BCBG MAXAZARIA- Tie-waist Cardigan

This sweater, a slightly structured number, would keep you looking polished and feeling comfortable at the same time.

Theory- Oscar Cardigan
A perfect sweater for running errands on a casual Sunday afternoon.

Forever 21- Crochet Knit Cardigan
This sweater would help transition your wardrobe from summer to the early days of fall.

MK2K- Bell Sleeve Wrap Cardigan

This sweater looks like it could easily become a well-worn favorite.

J.CREW- Dream Tie Cardigan
I'd happily take this sweater not only in heather silver, but also in honey glaze and navy.

Free People- Hooded Dusted Sweater
A perfect sweater to curl up in while reading on a cloudy day.