Friday, June 25, 2010

Celebrating Summer

I'm having a hard time believing we've already reached the last weekend in June. Every year, I make a mental note to take time to fully enjoy summer and all the things I love about it. To savor the season the way I did when I was little.

Evan Sklar

But, for some reason, time refuses to move as slowly as it did then. As much as I adore Fall and the sweaters, boots, and tights that come with it, I always find myself surprised by its arrival and slightly disappointed another summer has come and gone without feeling I've celebrated it to its fullest.

Randy Harris Photography

While my days don't promise to be leisurely this summer, I am trying to make sure I embrace as many of my favorite things about this time of year as I can; I am hoping this will help me feel I enjoyed the season as much as possible by the time cool air start to blow again.

Union Photography

I've made my most-loved gazpacho recipes and experimented with new additions. I've enjoyed Hawaiian Shaved Ice, gelato, frozen yogurt, and popsicles, foods I enjoy year-round, but are certainly required eating in hotter months. I've even been able to spend a couple hours lakeside.

Katie Baum via 20x200

I intend to keep adding to my list over the coming months, and I am going to do some work towards reaching my goal right now as E and I head out to grab some of our favorite gelato! I hope whatever your plans, your weekend is full of simple delights of the season too. Have a great one!