Thursday, August 28, 2008

jeni's ice cream

My family moved away from the place where I grew up after I graduated from high school. My best friend from home began visiting my family right away, and, almost as immediately, she came bearing sweet treat reminders from home.

First, there were heavenly and sinful gourmet brownies. Another trip brought soft, sugary cookies to our lips. Her presents were always unexpected and always devoured by my gracious family.

On her last trip to visit my family, over a year and a half ago, she showed up with the most surprising of packages. She carried in a large cardboard box, which we found to be full of dry ice. Quite intrigued, we waited eagerly as she unpacked her latest gift. What she'd brought was something new to us, an addition to our hometown in the years after we left.

Out came six pints of jeni's ice cream. It was some of the most unique and enchanting ice cream and sorbet we'd ever tasted, with flavors such as Salty Caramel, Thai Chili, Maker's Mark Buttered Pecan, and Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet, which even had the slight gritty texture of a perfect pear. After a round of taste-testing, the five of us were unable to determine one clear winner, but one thing was clear- this treat had bested all those that came before.

image from here

jeni's ice cream is located in Columbus, Ohio and uses fresh, local ingredients in their recipes. They have Signature Flavors that are always on the menu, as well as a rotating list of Seasonal Flavors. While I can't say I have one favorite flavor, I can say, in my experience, it is pretty hard to go wrong. Take a few moments to drool over their current flavor selection

I have craved this ice cream ever since my first taste, and, luckily, I've been able to visit jeni's twice in the past year. On the last trip, my husband was able to join me, and he discovered why it's a must visit for me! If you can't make it to one of their stores, jeni's ships anywhere across the US. Every so often, I contemplate indulging in such a luxury...

jeni's ice cream is a delectable treat worth trying once, although, I imagine, it will only leave you wanting more.

image from here

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

coco + kelley Inspiration Board Contest

I was extremely honored and excited to be named the winner of coco + kelley's Inspiration Board Contest. There were truly so many amazing boards, I have no idea how Cassandra and her "bridesmaids" were able to chose the Top 12 Finalists, let alone narrow those down to one.

This was such a great challenge, as all 35 room choices were completely inspired (when I first looked at the selections, I wanted to do a board for every room!) While her "Wedding Week" has ended, you should still check out all the beautiful boards entered on this flickr set, and, if you haven't, check out coco + kelley as it is always chock-full of inspiring images.

Meet Me by the Sea (I love the name Cassandra gave it!)

I loved this room when I saw it on Martha, so when I saw it as one of the room choices, I knew I would have to do a board for it. It is such a great color combination, and I could just imagine what a fun and vibrant couple would draw wedding inspiration from this room.

My other two boards from the contest

Crystal Elegance
I loved the simple, yet dramatic look of this bedroom and knew it would translate into an interesting wedding.

Warmth in Winter
This room had a drama and warmth that instantly drew me to it; I felt that it would translate to a chic, winter wedding that felt warm and toasty in contrast to the bluster outside.

*Credits from all above images listed on flickr- here, here and here

Some of my favorites boards from the finalists (but, really, where do you even begin?!)

Marie from Baltimore- Red, Black, & White
The images are so captivating and unique.

Janet from Flint, Mi- Golden Twenties
A beautiful interpretation with a vintage twist.

Elizabeth from Portland
This board is full of details that would make a wedding feel unique and memorable.

EZ from Creature Comforts- A Handmade Wedding in Moss & Ivory
A great interpretation of the room into wedding details!


I love that the items at Wisteria look so carefully cultivated; they always carry pieces that would lend an eclectic and worldly appearance to a home. Some of the things that I am loving at Wisteria right now are...

French Industrial Coffee Table and Kuba Cloth Pillows
I love the combination of drawers and shelves on this coffee table, allowing you to both keep things on display and out of sight. And I love the casters, as if you can just imagine during a party, the table getting whisked away to make room for an impromptu dance floor. I also love the graphic Kuba Cloth pillows displayed on the sofa.
Here and Here

Red Rim Metal Wire Basket
I love wrapping gifts, most especially during the holidays, for which I excitedly choose a "theme" each year and then channel my inner Martha. I love gift wrap, ribbon, twine, raffia- anything that helps transform a parcel into something special. It's a love my husband does not understand, although tries to appreciate. I store my wrapping paper in an upright laundry hamper. Practical? Yes. Attractive? No. This basket would be perfect for my holiday wrapping station (yes, I refer to it as that...) and for so many things in a crafts room/office.

Strength of a Buffalo (small)
This faux-buffalo horn would be a nice addition for a bookshelf or mantle. It is also one of those pieces I am sure my husband would find equally as interesting as I do; it is slightly delicate, yet masculine at the same time.

Midnight in Morocco- short votives
Two years ago, I gave these votives to my sister-in-law for Christmas, and I still covet them for my own. They cast a beautiful glow when lit and would be the perfect addition to a wedding or party.

Orange Suzani Pillows
I think the burst of bold color these pillows provide would add a cheerfulness to any room.
Here, here, and here

Corkscrew Wine Jute Bags (set of 4)
These bags are a simple, yet interesting way to gift a bottle of wine. They seem like the perfect thing to keep on hand for whenever you have a hostess to thank.

It's 3 a.m., I must be lonely...

Actually, I'm not lonely, but I am, as those who know me are aware, a crazy night owl at times!

I adore the look of these stools.


While I love the graceful and industrial lines (yes, I know, perhaps sounds strange, but I believe it is, somehow, both) of the Cooper's Draftsman Stool from Wisteria, I wonder if perhaps the wood seat (Alchemy Stool CB2) would be more comfortable than the metal?