Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Map maker, Map maker, Make me a Map*

I couldn't let Wedding Wednesday during Map Week pass without mentioning some of the wonderful hand-drawn maps that are available for use as a Save-the-Date or as part of your wedding stationery.

My mom and I, with our mutual love for maps, knew that we'd both love to see a hand-drawn map included in my wedding invitations. Since I designed and hand-screened my own invitations, I knew I wanted the map to fit with the look and feel of the rest of the suite; luckily for me, my mom volunteered to draw the map. Had I not had my mom's artistic talent to utilize, I would certainly have loved to use any of these women.

For those of you who are curious, my mom's handiwork is below. The map is on the inside of a folded card (the front of the card shows the outline of the state of Texas with a chapel serving as the "x marks the spot.")

And, I know what my mom is going to say when she sees this. She is going to say, "Oh, I wish I'd had more time to work on the map!" Because she started saying that almost immediately after we finished putting them together.

You all don't know this, but we planned the majority of our wedding in three months. So, more time to work on the map? I know she would have liked that, but, I LOVE what she did anyways! My favorite part, and that of many of our guests, was the Longhorn on the south side of the map (along the interstate) You really pass longhorns when driving north out of Austin towards where we live!

Image from Mom

*Yes, I know those aren't the real lyrics...

**Due to technical difficulties, this post didn't quite make it up while it was still Wednesday...


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what a great idea, love the personal hand drawn touch! for a moment i thought of treasury maps! a trip back to childhood (tv programs mainly!) :)

Brown Button Trading said...

Courtney, this are way too good to be true, and I love the one your mum (sorry, its mum not mom in australia! he he) - fabulous idea and of course you guys did it just beautifully! x

Mom said...

Oh, I wish I'd had more time to work on the map.

Laura said...

Courtney--Your mom's map looks totally cute and professional! Tell her to be proud!

Jen said...

Treacy, Court and E's wedding map was AMAZING! I would have thought it was from hoity-toity expensive stationary place, except for the fact I knew it was your artistic handwriting the second I opened the invite. Perfect!

Court, my hubby would now love to have a map room, and we have been trying to figure out how to decorate our home office for over a year. This week will serve as our inspiration!

Courtney said...

Tina- oh, they are like treasure maps! I never really thought about it, but perhaps that is why these appealed to me so much (what kid doesn't love the idea of discovering a treasure map!!)

Kimberlee- Thank you. And mum sounds ever more charming to me.

Mom- :)

Laura- Thank you so much for visiting! And surely your compliment made my mom blush!

Jen- Yay for a map room! If you do one, you will HAVE to send pictures!