Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Day of Fun in the Sun

Please forgive my relative silence this week, but I've been busy enjoying the company of my youngest brother, truly one of my best friends, who has been here visiting us before he heads back to college for the school year.

His trip comes way too quickly to an end tomorrow, but before he heads home, I'm excited to be taking a day trip to the beach! I often forget just how close I am to some beaches now that we're here in Houston. While they might not be world-famous, for me, a sandy beach is a sandy beach, and I can't wait to feel the the hot sand between my toes, especially since it has been way too many years since I last planted myself on the beach for a day!

Catherine Ledner

Paul Cruz

Amanda Pratt

Amanda Pratt

Chloe Mallet

With that, I'm off to enjoy my last full day with my brother, and I hope, whatever your weekend holds, your days are full of happy moments with your family and friends too.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Love

I'm having a bit of a love affair with this Max and Cleo dress; I've had its window open in my browser for weeks, and, almost daily, I've returned to stare and admire. I have a feeling, subconsciously, it even influenced my last post (note a striking similarity in the neutral color scheme...)

Adore the dress as I may, the paper-bag waist might not be quite so flattering on my body, nor likely would be the short bodice. Perhaps the dress knows this and is staying away in order to let me down gently, because I must admit, as of yet, this affair is a bit one-sided. Sweet dress, if I am wrong about you, however, please know I wouldn't mind should you show up unexpectedly at my door.