Saturday, March 13, 2010

Make New Friends...

I met my best friend from childhood, Jenni, when we were five; we were in the same class at school and our mom's served as Room Moms together (they helped plan class parties and secure parent volunteers for field trips).

Not only did we become friends, but our moms became friends too. With younger siblings the same age, it wasn't long before our dads and siblings were brought into the mix, and our families began socializing on a regular basis.

Over the years, we created countless memories, the charmed childhood variety that in reflection almost seem surrounded by a golden glow. We shared vacations and dance lessons and found ourselves in the same classes at school more than a handful of times. We fought like sisters and certainly thought we hated each other at times.

When I was 9, I moved to a new neighborhood and a new school. Even though we didn't see each other as much, we still saw each other on occasion and remained friends. Three years later, Jenni's family moved to the same neighborhood where we lived, and I was excited to once again have her at the same school.

We continued to attend the same school for the next six years until our graduation from high school. During those years, we both had other friends and, at times, socialized in slightly different groups, but through it all, we never drifted too far apart.

Although we parted ways when we went to college and have not lived in the same place since, I am always proud to say she is my oldest friend; it is special to have someone outside your family with whom your history runs long and deep.

Last week, I slipped out of town for a number of days to return to the place where I grew up so I could surprise Jenni on her 30th birthday and see my other friends who still live there too. Although such trips inevitably pass too quickly, for the first time in a while, I was able to spend quality time with everyone I wanted to see.

I was reminded, as I always am when with old friends, how much it means to me to have people in my life who've watched me grow. With whom catching up is always easy. And laughter always comes quick.

And then I was reminded how very much I miss them.

While I'm thankful to have made the trip, the price for my long weekend away catching up with friends has been trying to playing catch up here all week! I'm sorry for my unexpected absence and hope to be back with more posts soon. Have a wonderful weekend!