Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daydream Believer

Around this time of year, I find myself dreaming of a getaway to a place drenched in sunshine and warmth. Where days move slower. And the most pressing event on my schedule would be an appointment with a few new-to-me novels and a stack of favorite magazines.

Images of this Croatian compound are feeding my current daydreams. I'd begin decompressing in the bedroom above with its French doors, herringbone tile floors, and neutral yet cheerful color palette.

After a luxurious afternoon nap, I'd happily spend the rest of my day drifting between the other spaces of the house.

I'd explore the garden, enjoy an outdoor meal and alternate between reading and talking with my companions.

After a long and full day, I'd grow sleepy sitting by a warm fire and when I turned in for the night, I'd fall asleep listening to the soft lapping of waves from the water below.

In the morning, I would wake to sunlight streaming through the French doors in the bedroom, and I'd enjoy the slow start to my day as I sipped my morning coffee in the garden. I'd then repeat the previous day's activities, with the remainder of my getaway passing in much the same way.

Rees Roberts + Partners LLC

I'd spent just enough time away that when it came time to leave, I'd find myself feeling rested. With a few more books checked off the continually expanding "to-read" list. And looking forward to getting home.