Thursday, May 27, 2010

Authority Always Wins

It may seem commonplace to find a trunk, a bench, chairs or even a loveseat at the foot of a bed, and although it might seem like a trite formula, I believe it is a smart use of space.

House Beautiful


Elle Decor

If a room can accommodate their placement, the addition of these pieces is a perfect way to add seating or extra storage. They can give you a place to slip on your shoes, to read, or to watch television.

Elle Decor

Southern Living

Coastal Living

I must admit, however, if you are at all like E or me, there can be a dark side to these pieces too-- they can become a staging point for my mortal enemy, clutter.

L: Stylist- Rachel Roberts R: Elle Decor

I am definitely a maximalist, so keeping clutter contained seems to require a constant effort on my part; all too easily an innocent chair becomes a place where a stack of folded laundry decides to rest after getting lost on the way to the dresser, where discarded clothing takes up temporary residence after being unable to decide between returning to the closet or going to the hamper, or where a bag housing a store return will often overstay its welcome.

Anne Coyle Interiors

Elle Decor

Courtney Giles

While I can't actually say authority always wins in my battle with clutter, I will continue to fight to keeping chairs free of such vagabonds items in the name of design. Tell me, do any of your belongings exhibit such a blatant disregard for the rules or do they always do as they should?