Friday, January 16, 2009

Step Right Up, Folks...

To add a sweet touch of circus and carnival nostalgia to your life with these pieces, all available through Vintage & Modern, Inc.

The barbells and game target would easily look at home in many spaces, but the clown costume, on the other hand, could be a bit more difficult to place. And, while it might it not work in just any room, in the right setting, it would surely steal the show!


Welcome to the Big Top

Growing up, I can't say I ever had the urge to run away with the circus, although, in first grade, I did have the urge to just run away. I can only imagine what terrible incident drove me to such a decision (could it have been a "time-out" on the stairs?)

I only got as far as thinking about it, however... running away would have been quite the drastic measure for a girl who, at that same age, told her mom she never wanted to learn to drive- she would rather her mom drive her around always, if that were ok.

Had I gotten further than just the thinking phase, I am still not sure what I would have planned. Certainly, joining the circus would have been the furthest thing from my mind, but had it occurred to me, I would have had plenty a career from which to choose.

What would I have dreamed of becoming? Would I have longed to be...

The ring master?
A bareback acrobat?

Or perhaps part of an acrobatic duo?

A tightrope walker?

An artist on the flying trapeze?

One of the clowns?

An elephant handler?
A cat tamer?

While I can't say for certain what job I would have wanted then, undoubtedly, I would have found all of them quite impressive. And, if I could chose any position now? I'd like to think I would muster up enough courage to glide through the air as part of a team on the flying trapeze!

Did you ever dream of joining the circus? If so, what did you want to be? What would you do now (fears and lack of talent aside!) if you could perform under the Big Top?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drum Roll, Please...

I am completely taken with these whimsical prints by Etsy shop Roadside Projects. The prints are photos taken of her original art, and their 3d-feel and colorful scenes caught my eye. I am intrigued to know how they look as a 2d print.

These pieces of art seem perfectly suited for a child's bedroom or playroom, and I would love to see them in the same space as the Boodalee Circus Throw Pillow.

Peanuts & Popcorn

The Circus Throw Pillow by Boodalee would add such a playful element to a kid's bedroom or playroom. I even think that I'd like to have it elephant-side up in my room!

Coordinating bedding here.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Carnival of Sights to See

I know I promised circus things, but I do believe that the carnival is a very closely related cousin...

When I saw some of Mable and Charlie's elopement photos on Southern Weddings last month, I was instantly smitten. I love the color, the movement, and the playfulness that photographer Jessica Purvis captured.

While a carnival wedding day might not be for everyone, it would make for a fantastic welcome party or rehearsal dinner. And, most of all, I love the idea of doing an engagement shoot at a carnival- a guaranteed recipe for happiness and laughter!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Circus Comes to Town

While I was out Christmas shopping last month, The Circus, 1870- 1950 by TASCHEN Books kept capturing my attention. Something about the book called to me, beckoning me to explore the swirl of color and movement depicted on its pages.

Every time I saw The Circus, I would heed its siren call, flipping through the vintage illustrations and photographs, but never lingering for long.

I would still love a good long sit with this book and the chance to learn all the history and magic that's buried within its spine!

Yes, this is what led to my animal cracker craving! Tell me, do any of you have this book? Is it as incredible as it seems? Stay tuned for more circus things to come!

Animal Crackers in My Soup

When I was little, I don't believe there was another treat that felt quite as magical to me as Barnam's Animals Crackers.

I loved the short and thin cotton twill handle on the box, which I would slide around my wrist as proudly as if it were the fanciest of handbags. Looking back, it was probably my first love affair with packaging!

Lately, I've had a hankering for these animal crackers. I wonder if you can imagine what led me to this craving...

No, it's not this song, but watch this clip and try not to smile!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Isn't It Odd

Every time I look at this bag, I find myself laughing a little; it's a bit "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy." Laughter, especially on Monday mornings, is always a good thing.