Monday, November 10, 2008

Where in the World...

I have always loved maps, a love I inherited from my mom. I can stare at maps for what feels like hours and still enjoy looking at them time and again. I love understanding where places are, their relations to each other, and the distances in between.

In the upstairs hallway of my parent's house, a map of the United States hangs on the wall. It is outside the kids' bathroom (although, none of us are so much "kids" anymore,) and my youngest brother and I have been known to meet in front of the map to mull it over.

Nan Whitney via Desire to Inspire

He and I stare at the dots and lines marking states and cities, rivers and lakes. We remember places we've lived or where friends and loved ones have resided. We look at places we have visited or those where we would still like to go.

Kerry Joyce Associates

With the world growing closer and becoming more interconnected with each passing year, it seems more important than ever to have an understanding of the places that make up this planet we all call home.


I've been made ever-more aware of the "smallness" of the world through this blog, as some of first bloggers to reach out to me were from countries far from my own, including Australia and France. It's made me remember they aren't that far away after all.

Absolutely Beautiful Things

Over the next few days, I'll be looking at maps, and I'm starting with these rooms that take decorating with maps to the extreme. I love that entire walls- entire rooms even- are papered with outlines of countries, territories, and the like.

kbreenbo's flickr

These rooms are just the type of spaces where I would undoubtedly be happy to return again and again. I would feel there was always something new for me to discover as I took in my surroundings.

I would also like to ask you, dear readers, where in this world are you? I know I'm already aware of some of those answers, but I would enjoy hearing them all the same! I'd love if you'd leave me a comment and let me know from where you hail! As you now know, I love any excuse to pour over a map!


Treacy said...

I am especially glad now, that we have had that big old map. And the way the staircase funnels down from that area of the hallway, I always loved hearing the ramblings, reminiscing and giggles. It is all too quiet in that hallway these days. Love you!

Curiosity Killed the Cat said...

i came over here from desire to inspire and after seeing this post i am now a new reader. i adore maps. i can study them for hours. your first paragraph are my sentiments exactly. can't wait to see more!!

Anonymous said...

When I was in college, I got a big box in the mail one day. It was from my brother, a surprise gift - a giant map not unlike the kbreenbo image. Seriously one of the most happy surprise gifts I've ever received. I've always had a map wall for years and years after that. And I totally agree with keeps you looking and thinking about different places you'd like to go.

P.S. I'm in San Francisco

Rebecca said...

oh! love that bold last one--very cool idea idea!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

These are wonderful photos! I, too, adore old maps. I am in the hometown of Julia Roberts, I'll let you work that one out!

Melanie said...

I love maps as well. In fact, I cover things (decoupage) with old maps. Posted the other day about the very same thing!

Anonymous said...

Maps are the most amazing artifacts---I love that they are both art and function at the same time! Whenever I'm in doubt about what to get my husband for his birthday or christmas, an antique map is a sure bet. we even have an original map of cambridge, massachusetts from 1822---he went to college there and loves looking at all the little spots he's so familiar with!

Of course framing the maps is another matter altogether...let's just say we have a closet full of them waiting to be framed and put on display :)

Pink Wallpaper said...

great blog! i found it via. desire to inspire!

Blair Friedeman said...

I love the idea of maps as wallpaper. I think everyone thinks I am crazy when I tell them that I just LOVE looking at maps--good to know I am not the only one. I love the idea of using a sepia toned one in a masculine office or den.

-Blair ( in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!)

Treacy said...

Hmmmmm, do I sense there may be a map room coming, in your new Houston abode?
It seems absolutely perfect.
Treacy (in Memphis, Tennessee)

please sir said...

Oh yes I have a deep, deep love for maps too!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

these rooms are gorgeous, i love maps too, especially vintage ones, i always think you can never have enough map prints to hang on the wall but using it as wallpaper is a even better idea!

Brown Button Trading said...

Courtney you are a total darling - thank you for the link! - i love your blog and this post is fantastic - maps as wallpaper are the bomb!! - I love maps and Emma over at white and wander LOVES a good globe. I am just so smitten when you say you have googled something I have mentioned. I often forget alot of the things i may mention are 'australian-isms' - I'm used to a lot of things going over my head when I read american blogs, but you take the time to follow things up that you haven't heard of- you are a total sweet heart and this is why I love blogging - meeting fabulous people like yourself. Love lots xx

evencleveland said...

Cleveland says hello!

I love maps as wallpaper. Bust out the modge podge!

Evan Solon said...

I love staring at that map outside my room... We've had some good times looking at that thing.

Courtney said...

Mom- I know the house is too quiet now... xoxo

Curiosity- Thanks for visiting, and I'm glad that my words struck a cord!

I'm All Agog- Sounds like you have a sweet brother- what a great gift!

Rebecca- Isn't the size of the map so striking?

Pamela- Oh, tricky one :) I didn't know the answer, so I googled it!

Melanie- Thanks so much for visiting- and I love decoupage!

Anne- The map of Cambridge sounds incredible. And I know all about having a closet full of things to frame!

Pink Wallpaper- Thanks! I'm glad you stopped by.

Blair- How can people just not understand how fascinating maps are ;)

Treacy- We'll see on any future map rooms. After I posted this, E told me he pretty much hated all the rooms except the bottom one!! :)

Please Sir- I love hearing from all my fellow maps lovers!

Tina- Yes, vintage maps are the best!

Kimberlee- love right back at 'cha.

Stephanie- Bust out the modge podge indeed!

Late Night Sports- We have had some good times staring at that map! I can't wait until we can meet in front of it again!!

*And thanks to everyone who weighed in on where they live!

old-map-blog said...

great idea, using maps as wallpapers.
i absolutely love old maps. nice to see how peaople are using them in different ways ;-)