Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vintage Loving

I'm always amazed by the amount of creativity and skill there is in the wedding photography industry, and I constantly fall for new (to me) talent. Yet, just as often as I discover a new crush, one of my old favorites will remind me why they have long been on my love list.

One such photographer is Kelly Moore, and this incredible photo shoot, from a "Give Me Moore" one-on-one mentoring session (for other photographers,) illustrates why.

I gasped for the sheer beauty of these images; the colors, the styling, and the vintage-feel add to the allure of the photos, and, of course, a stunning couple never hurts the mix.

I love the sweetness that is conveyed as much from the settings and clothing as the expressions and poses of the models.

I had a hard time picking favorites, as it seemed I loved each as much as the next.

There are so many more gorgeous photos to see, you must check them out on Kelly's blog (which does them far more justice than mine anyway!) I am positive you may find yourself gasping too.

On a personal note, my mom is arriving this afternoon for her first visit to Houston since E & I moved here. I can't wait to show her around, and we have a list about a mile long of things to do. We'll make the most of the days we have, but, inevitably, there will be things left undone, and I will be saying goodbye to her far too soon. For now, though, I am simply excited to say hello.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pretty Packages

I've mentioned before that I am a complete sucker for packaging, especially when it comes to making wine selections, but it certainly holds true for food items, ok, pretty much all items, as well. Present me with a product that has a lovely package design, and I will likely want to purchase it.

As I said yesterday, Louise Fili's website is full of beautiful work, and what follows are some of my favorite pieces from their packaging portfolio.

Monday, March 30, 2009


There has been a bit of buzz around the blogosphere regarding the new website for Louise Fili Ltd., a firm specializing in the design of restaurant identity and food packaging, and for very good reason-- the website is chock-full of the creative work of this talented firm.

I fell especially hard for this logo for Rusk Renovations, Inc.; the vintage-feeling ruler and typography completely did me in.

I also am head over heels for what looks to have been an amazing issue of the Italian magazine, Un Sedicesimo. The issue was devoted to the Italian and French script typefaces from Louise Fili and Steven Heller's collections, and it looks like it would provide endless inspiration.

Finally, I adore this image from Louise Fili's sneak peek on Design*Sponge. The vintage tin is gorgeous, and I love that it is used to display some of the matchbooks and business cards from restaurants for which they have designed logos.

Stay tuned for more from this accomplished firm, as tomorrow I will be sharing some of my favorite packaging work from their portfolio.