Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Stillness

Life surely hasn't slowed down simply because the season changed and the temperatures rose, which leads me to wonder-- whatever happened to the lazy days of summer?

Living Etc.

Monica Bach via Desire to Inspire

While the breakneck pace of life will continue this weekend, I am hoping to find moments of stillness and calm in the midst of the go-go-go. I hope your weekend holds those same quiet moments too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moments {Try A Little Tenderness}

It has been a while since the last post in the Moments series, so I thought it due time to follow up with a new set of images.

Of all the things I love about weddings, one thing I adore is the tenderness that radiates between a bride and groom, and I swoon for the sweet and gentle moments each of these photos hold.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Getaway {Camping Les Ormes}

I've mentioned before that I like tents, and I've also shared how much I enjoy stealing away for a day in a fabric "fort," so, as you might imagine, when I spotted this image on Cote Maison I was completely smitten.

After visiting the property's website, Camping Les Ormes, located in the French countryside, immediately joined the list of luxury camping (or perhaps I should say glamping,) locales I've bookmarked over the past couple years.

Situated on 25 acres, Camping Les Ormes is open from late-April until mid-September. It offers 100 campsites, as well as a number of luxury "desert tents." The grounds, including open fields, forest, an animal farm, and a lake with a white sandy beach, allow for activities such as biking, hiking, and fishing.

For those who prefer more of the luxury side of the experience, a pool, tennis courts, a restaurant and bar, a small boutique, and on site masseuses are sure to please. While my family's luck with camping has never been the best, surely this is "camping" even my mom could get behind!

During high season, a breakfast of fresh bread and croissants is delivered directly to your tent, and during the rest of the season, you can enjoy the breakfast buffet served on the restaurant's terrace five days a week.

The food at Camping Les Ormes is not quite standard camping fare; consider this sample menu for a typical summer day--

*Bread with homemade hummus
*Gazpacho of watermelon and pineapple
*Duck breast with honey thyme sauce accompanied with a puff pastry tart with fresh tomatoes, goat cheese, and basil and a Roquette salad with fresh summer fruit, parmesan and pine-tree grains.
*Swiss nut cake with orange and maple syrup.

While I'd pass on the duck, to everything else I'd say, "Yes, please!!"

Beyond the activities available at on the grounds, nearby villages offer the opportunity for shopping local markets, antiquing, wine tasting, visiting historic chateaus, and playing a round of golf.

Gorgeous views. Activities aplenty. Gourmet food. Close proximity to historic villages. Sounds like a pretty perfect summer getaway to me. There is only one thing I am left wondering about Camping Les Ormes-- how soon can we go?