Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dining Alfresco {Part 2}

While the spaces in our first glance at dining alfresco were simple and clean-lined, the following are soft and lush garden settings.

I love the metal elements prevalent in the majority of these photos, as well as the romantic lighting that appears in a number of the spaces. These areas wouldn't be quite complete either without the surrounding rich greenery that plays a significant role in completing the look.



Brian Andriola- stylist


These dining areas seem as equally suited for afternoon tea as for intimate dinner parties, and I can't say I'd be disappointed to indulge in either type of gathering in these beautiful settings.

Still ahead is the third part our dining alfresco installment with a look at more eclectic outdoor dining spaces.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dining Alfresco {Part 1}

As I mentioned on Friday, one of my favorite things when the weather gets warm is sharing meals outdoors with family and friends, and of that I am quite certain. When it comes to deciding what type of outdoor dining space I most want to live with, however, as with much of design, I am always torn since there are so many styles I adore.

I love the natural and clean-look of these first three spaces, but I must admit, for me, the setting of each is part of the draw; I would happily step into each photo to drink in the scenic views.

Joe Schmeltzer

Lisa Hubbard

Stay tuned for more outdoor dining spaces, including garden settings as well as eclectic mixes, as I continue this look at alfresco dining areas and things to love about summer.