Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Siesta

In high school, I can remember being offended the day after a formal dance and a late night spent at friend's house when my mom suggested I take a nap. How childish! I was, afterall, 16. Although I ended up taking her advice and did nap that day, I did so rather begrudgingly.

Coliena Rentmeester

I discovered a true love for napping, however, when living in the dorm my freshman year in college. My bed was positioned by the window, and it caught mid-afternoon sunlight as it streamed into our room. I don't remember the first time I fell asleep while lying in that puddle of light, but, like a cat, I became crazy about napping while basking in the warm sun.

Martin Lof

Life has been feeling rather nonstop for E and I as of late, and I believe this is only the beginning. Looking forward, I'm not sure when things will slow down, which leaves me longing for a day where we can steal a luxurious nap together.

While napping will certainly do anytime of the year, grabbing a siesta on a warm afternoon and waking with many hours of daylight remaining is something I love about summer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dining Alfresco {Part 3}

I must apologize for going a bit MIA, especially in the middle of my dining alfresco posts. Thus far, I have logged over 22 hours on the road this past week as I drove to Ohio for the wedding of one of my best friends and then continued north to see E's mom and grandma for a day. While I've been gone, my internet access has been far more limited than I'd expected, but it has been wonderful to have time to catch up with family and old friends.

Today starts my trip back towards Texas with day stops in Kentucky and Tennessee to visit my best friend from college and then my family, so posting may be light for the rest of the week as well, but I wanted to finish this look at outdoor dining spaces before I hit the road again.

We've looked at simple, clean-lined outdoor dining areas, as well as those with lush, garden settings in our dining alfresco posts, and I wanted to close this series with a focus on spaces that have an eclectic mix of elements.



After looking at each style, I must admit that I am still unsure what type of space I'd most want for my own; I'd be tempted to say, "One of each, please." What about you? Do you have a clear favorite if you had to choose?