Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh Sew Sweet

I love that these Etsy shops have given new life to sewing patterns by repurposing them into new items.

Etsy Shop Natuur/-e
Etsy Shop Paperwerks

Etsy Shop JenniferConway

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sew Lovely

I inherited my love of buttons from my mom, who has always had a soft spot for these notions. The variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures intrigues me as much today as it did as a child.

Image from flickr ojamaa9design

Vintage Buttons at Etsy shop onecozynest

Vintage Buttons at Etsy shop onecozynest

Vintage Metal Buttons at Etsy shop rakubuttons

Image from flickr calloohcallay

I imagine I looked much like this following a trip with my mom to gather sewing supplies; I love that the photo shows how gently these "treasures" are being held.

Sew, a needle pulling thread

I have been thinking a lot of about sewing this week. It started with this post by Stephanie. Then came Courtney's post. Finally, today, Anna Maria posted this.

image from flickr r.black67

There is such beauty and inspiration in the pieces that go into sewing: the notions, the tissue paper patterns, and the fabrics. When I was younger, I loved tagging along with my mom to the fabric shop where I happily wandered the aisles and gazed at the embroidery floss, the threads, and the buttons. I would glance through pattern books and dream of creations to make and wear. And, of course, I would weave my way through the fabrics, touching and examining their beauty.

While my tastes have evolved and I would probably not reach for the same fabrics as I did then, the feeling and inspiration I get while in a fabric shop is still the same.

Photo at Etsy shop craftyfolk

Embroidery Floss at Etsy shop beckandcallgirl

Embroidery Floss at Etsy shop beckandcallgirl

Embroidery Floss at Esty shop TRUECOLORSFORYOU

All of these images and the aforementioned posts have me wondering if it is time to break out the sewing machine and embark on a new project!

Fancy Ladies

In 1st grade, I had a "Fancy Ladies" birthday party. My distinguished guests and I were attired in the loveliest frocks from our respective dress-up collections, and we feasted in my family's dining room. If my memory is correct, my parents even served us with their finest china, crystal, and silverware (did they really? what were they thinking?? I am hoping now that they just set the table with "fancy" chargers!)

I had such grand designs for the party, but halfway through dinner, I ended up crying on our steps. When my mom told me I needed to stop crying and rejoin my guests, I replied with the age-old classic, "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to..." I then sang a woeful rendition of the chorus. Life is tough at the age of seven.

Oh, and the reason for my tears? Two of my guests were absolutely not acting like "fancy ladies." I did return to the party, and soon my tears were all but forgotten.

Thankfully, I have not found myself crying on my steps during any parties since, although, I have not hosted another "Fancy Ladies" party either! The "Syracuse" dinnerware, by R. Haviland & C. Parlon available at Horchow, makes me believe I would happily take the plunge again.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Room Reveals A Wedding {A Relaxed Elegance}

This is the first post of "A Room Reveals A Wedding," a new segment that will be featured on Under A Paper Moon. I enjoyed Cassandra's Inspiration Board Contest so entirely that I wanted to be able to showcase this concept on a regular basis.

Inspiration for weddings can come in many forms, and one such source can be a room, which speaks to a person's style and taste. In "A Room Reveals A Wedding," a room's mood and design will be interpreted into an event inspiration board.

This first inspiration room is an elegant, yet relaxed bath featured in Homes & Gardens. I love the tranquility in this space; it's very easy to imagine unwinding in this bath after a long day. Through the use of warm-hued whites, accents of tan, brown, and green, and varying textures, the bathroom feels quite inviting.

The Inspiration RoomHomes & Gardens

The wedding based on this room would exude the same warmth and relaxed elegance.

The Inspiration Board
Row 1: L to R- Homes and Gardens, Our Labor of Love photography, West Elm
Row 2: Kelley & Nate- Photogen, Inc., Carrie Patterson Wedding Photography, Tulips via flickr kmjdepalma
Row 3: snowberry bouquet- Martha Stewart, Whitebox Weddings, Rebecca Cole Design
Row 4: Leigh Miller Photography, Programs- Dasha Wright photographer via, candy buffet- Martha Stewart

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hanging Art- Part 3

This last collection of images features groupings that are a further evolution from the order seen in Part Two and are quite the antithesis of the groupings in Part One. These arrangements feature repetition and symmetry in a structured way.

S.R. Gambrel

After viewing this group, tell me, what style appeals to you most? Do you prefer organized chaos, straight organization, or something in between? I may know Christine's answer, and I am looking forward to hearing yours.

Hanging Art- Part 2

Following the organized chaos in Part One, these groupings, while still featuring frames varying in size and shape, appear to have more order in their placement.

David Netto Designs via Ill Seen, Ill Said

West Elm Gallery Frame


Martha Stewart

Beth Webb via Desire to Inspire

Hanging Art- Part 1

My dear friend, Christine, will soon be putting together her own gallery-style wall full of amazing photographs. I've put together a collection of images, in three parts, to serve as inspiration.

This first set of photos features a bit of organized chaos; these groupings, with many different size and shape frames, give the appearance of being placed haphazardly, although, certainly, the placement is quite intentional.

House Beautiful


Martha Stewart

West Elm Gallery Frames

Stay tuned for Part Two and Part Three.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Art Gallery {Stella Alesi}


Not only are Stella Alesi and her husband, Brian, talented wedding photographers, but they are both accomplished artists as well.

I am simply in love with this painting by Stella, which she posted on their blog yesterday. I kept the tab open all day and constantly found myself going back to stare at it again.

There is an ethereal beauty in the color and light of this composition. For me, it speaks to the joy of summer, and I can imagine the smile it would bring on a cold and dreary winter day.