Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tag! You're It.

I was tagged today by sweet Kate at Kids & Cocktails. It's my first tag too, so, this is rather exciting!

4 things I did today
1.) Went grocery shopping
2.) Finally bought the newest Domino
3.) Played Frisbee with one of my pups
4.) Watched my husband solder my laptop power cord to make it functional again! It was a scary moment when I thought it was a goner. He is definitely my hero!

4 things on my to-do list
1.) Learn how to fly a plane (long term to-do!)
2.) Travel to Russia... and Peru... and India... and Ireland... and New Zealand... and ok, I'll stop here because truthfully the list is almost endless!
3.) Make Apple Crisp- I've been wanting to make some for days, but haven't gotten around to it.
4.) Finish some wedding thank-you notes (ack! I know, Mom! Some of the gifts only came in recently though.)

4 of my guiltiest pleasures
1.) The Hills & Army Wives...hokey shows? Yes. Am I addicted? Yes.
2.) Currently, Peanut Brittle Ice Cream (sadly, a seasonal flavor)
3.) Magazines (see below...)
4.) Starbucks (which I haven't had in a while b/c I've been making my coffee at home every day. Oh, but a flavored soy latte and slice of pumpkin loaf- yum!!)

4 random things you probably didn't know about me
1.) I've been a vegetarian for 12 years, although for the last 6 or so, I have only been a semi-veg, as, on occasion, I will eat fish.
2.) I am a complete magazine-addict and have a degree in Magazine Journalism, but I've never worked at a magazine.
3.) I hate tomatoes (it's a texture thing,) but I love tomato-things: tomato soup, tomato-based sauces, salsa, etc. Oh, and fried green tomatoes- delicious!
4.) In second grade when my youngest brother was born, I told my entire class his name was the one I had wanted, rather than the name my parents actually had given him! Embarrassing when I was busted two weeks later... :)

Thanks Kate!

If you'd like to participate, consider yourself tagged! Leave a comment; I'd love to read your list.


Kate said...

I feel the same way about magazines and tomatoes! I'm dying to know what you named your brother for those two weeks!

Thanks for doing this!

Courtney said...

It was Daniel- I have no idea why I was so stuck on that name!

Luis, a la Sesame Street character, was my chosen name for my other brother; I was three years old at the time. My parents didn't pick that one either.

Jane Flanagan said...

It's nice to learn more about you. I'm vegetarian also :)