Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Room Reveals A Wedding {Soft Seaglass & Honey Mustard}

Because I've been on a bit of a mustard kick, I knew I wanted to design an inspiration board around this color, and as it's been quite a while since we've had one, I thought it time for A Room Reveals A Wedding post.

Today's inspiration room has an eclectic feel with both vintage and modern elements present; it features a bold splash of honey mustard tempered by soft seaglass and white.

The Room

House Beautiful

The wedding that draws inspiration from this room would utilize the same blend of the warm and cool shades with vintage and modern styling.


vicki archer said...

A great that bathroom, xv.

Blair Friedeman said...

Wow-absolute perfection Courtney! Those lanterns are beautiful and love the key tag table cards!

Lindsey said...

That's so funny that you saw a little dog just like Mr. Big!! We actually live right outside of Memphis in MS - so there's now way that could be the same doggie, he would never make it quite that far. It takes me 30 min. to get to work - but what a funny coincidence. Hope the little dog you saw is okay! And don't know if he's microchipped yet - taking him to the vet next week. I doubt it though since he is so young. I think he may only be 8 or 10 weeks old.

I work in Germantown . . . . are you familiar with Saddle Creek? That's where I am 75% of the time! =)

The Bella Girls said...

This color combo makes me swoon ;) I love how you've described this color as seaglass - perfect name.


alissa said...

LOVE this board! my sister is getting married in june and i convinced her to tie a little bit of mustard/gold into her blue color scheme - im so excited!
ill have to get your input on flowers:)

Courtney said...

Beautiful board, Courtney - I love the details you've included here.