Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Late Contender

This just in. We have a late contender joining the field for the horse home goods race. I can't believe he was overlooked in the first place because I believe odds are he's going to be a favorite!

This fantastic guy can be found at Brown Button Trading, which as of this week is shipping across the globe! If you haven't already, you should take a look at Brown Button Trading, which, as many of you know, is the latest venture of the always sweet and funny blogger Kimberlee of Brown Button. The website is beautiful and stocked with wonderful wares, and I am hoping Kimberlee finds the greatest success in this endeavor.


Kimberlee said...

oi! what are you still doing up missy - isn't it the middle of the night over there?! - thank you so much for the mention - I love that 'pegasus' head.... fingers crossed I get to keep one myself! he he. love lots xx

Blair said...

Isn't her store amazing--I want everything:)

Treacy said...

Thanks for the link! I just love Brown Button's shop. And the horse head is wonderful!