Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Completely Fascinated

A few years ago, I had a pair of heels that I loved. When I first spotted them, I fell head over heels (ha ha) and I knew they had to be mine. They were a little flashier than any of my other pairs, but I was in L-O-V-E.

E, however was not. He thought they were, well, hideous and weird. I slightly doubted my choice, but I tried to stay strong in my conviction that they were amazing.

Since I did love them, I wore them proudly, and it turned out, every time I wore them, compliments were inevitable. I have to admit that I gloated a little every time I received one (not everyone found my selection so horrible!)

I especially loved receiving a compliment when E was present. He knew I loved it too. He would laugh every time and say, "I never said other people wouldn't like them! I don't claim to always understand what women love."

Lately, I have been quite obsessed with hairpieces and fascinators, particularly of the feather and flower variety (well, perhaps I am just obsessed with feathers all-around these days.) I

think these would be fabulous to wear to a holiday party, but I have to wonder whether E would find these interesting or more along the lines of my very-loved shoes...

Miss Lola by oh my deer! (sadly, no longer available!)

Miss Erma by oh my deer! (also, sadly, no longer available!)

I would want to wear this piece by House of Telsa all the time!


Kate said...

See...you need that feather skirted dress i posted the other day to go with all this! You can never have too many feathers!

Brown Button Trading said...

I LOVE them all! - It's spring in Australia and start of the "spring racing festival" when everyone heads to the tracks to watch the horses in their finery and such headpieces are the way to go. (have you guys heard of the Melbourne Cup?)

Courtney - I SOOO know what you mean about boys not liking things you love. I have a pair of flat ballet shoes I bought from an awesome Australian label called "Sambag" - in an oriential chinese fabric with a cute navy blue bow at the front. My Ex used to call them my "grandma chinese shoes" - but I always get beautiful comments wearing them. The same Ex used to say this cute shirt dress I had from another brilliant designer called "Wayne Cooper" made me look like a 'toilet block'(!?!?!) but I always get compliments wearing it. Sometimes boys just seriously don't get it!!!
(hmmm, sorry about my essay styled comment!!! it hit a chord!!)

Courtney said...

Kate- You are right- you can't have too many feathers!

Kimberlee- First, I loved your essay-styled comment and will be responding in kind :)

I (sadly) hadn't heard of the Melbourne Cup, but I googled it, and it sounds much like the Kentucky Derby here! So much fun! I really love horse racing (which makes me a horrible vegetarian!)

You know, maybe guys just don't get chinese-influenced clothing...I had a jacket that had a mandarin collar, and my youngest brother referred to it as my "Chinese Jacket." As in, "Oh. You're wearing your Chinese Jacket," said with undisguised disgust.

And, lastly, your ex said looked like a toilet block?!?! I think it is probably good he is your ex! :)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

Hi courtney, these are stunning, I love feather AND hairpins so this post really is a treat!

just ignore the boys, what do they know about style and fashion ;) my boyfriend hates vintage staff, he always says he'll paint over any 'shabby chic' furniture, well he'll better just get used to it!

Tina x

Brown Button Trading said...

Yes being told you look like a toilet block should be qualification for instant dismissal!!!
If there are any decent outfits on display at melbourne cup i'll be sure to post on them.
have a great weekend bella xx