Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birds of a Feather

Since I am on a bit of a feather kick (see here and here.) I wanted to create a board that highlighted the use of feathers in the attire and decor for a wedding, and the brown and black feathered shoes and hair piece in this board felt like perfect inspiration for a late fall or winter wedding.

Row 1: L to R- Ryan Phillips, Brittney & Mike- Jennifer Skog Photography, Stephanie James Couture
Row 2: Gentl & Hyers, Penn Carlson Photography via Southern Weddings, Janne Peters, Mi Belle Wedding Photography via The Bride's Cafe
Row 3: Country Living via Perfect Bound, Eryn & Scott- Mary Jane Photography, Stephanie James Couture
Row 4: Carrie Patterson Wedding Photography, Vanilla Bake Shop,
Sara France via Snippet & Ink


citysage said...

Absolute perfection. So warm and fuzzy yet sophisticated at the same time. And I'm feeling you on feathers, too. Seriously considering making my own hairpiece since the ones out there are beautiful but pricey! If only I had a gorgeous event like this to wear them to :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am in love with those feather shoes!

Courtney said...

Anne- being the Renaissance Woman you seem to be, I know any hairpiece you made would be fabulous!

Sara France Photography said...

Thanks for the post. That image is from a wedding that is currently published in San Diego Style Weddings and will be published in Modern Bride in the next couple months. It was a huge bird theme and they had feathers in their bouquets as well! You would have loved it from what I have seen of your blog! Thanks so much for the post! You have a great eye and it shows!

perfect bound said...

Beautiful. I bought feathers to stick in my bridesmaids bouquets but they never made the cut. Your collection of feathers in this post and the ones above is amazing. I may have to compensate with one or two of these items right away. Beautiful.

Courtney said...

Sara France- Thank you so much! And yes, from the sounds of it, I would very much have enjoyed the wedding!!

Anne (Perfect Bound)- Thank you for stopping by! It's so hard sometimes to make final cuts, but from everything we've seen so far, your day was amazing- I would say your cuts were perfect!