Friday, January 15, 2010

This Little Light of Mine

Today was one of those winter days where gloomy clouds clung determinedly to the sky from dawn-to-dusk making the entire period overcast and dark (or well, I assume, as I didn't actually see dawn...)

Michele M. Waite

After such a day, I'd love to find myself surrounded by glowing candles, their light softly flickering and casting comforting shadows around the room.

Mark Wallis via Style Me Pretty

These photos perfectly capture the warmth candles bring to darkness, something I'm certainly craving tonight.

Photogen Inc.

For me, this weekend's plan include a bit of work, but I am hoping there will be some time for play too. Whatever your weekend plans hold, I hope you find time for play as well!


Simply Mel said...

Oh what glorious glow! Nothing beats the beauty of a night lit by candles.

The Bella Life said...

We are supposed to get 3 big storms this week. This post makes me want to go out and stock up on candlesticks. Lovely.

Hope all is well!


Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Hi Courtney, how pretty--I love candles! Hope you are cozy at home with candles enjoying the weekend!

xo Mary Jo

Courtney said...

Candle light is so lovely (especially when it's dark and gloomy outside). What a lovely collection of photos.

Fri at WEDDING NOUVEAU said...

I could use a little candle light mystique today. It's flooding in Los Angeles, and we just had a tornado warning. Who knew?

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Those pictures are beautiful. Make me want to curl up in a wintry cabin - too bad the wintry situation here in NE isn't that pretty, boo! Hope you had a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy overcast and rainy days sometimes. It makes you want to stay in and enjoy doing something simple at home.