Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Packing Light

I am a horrible packer.

I don't lack the ability to arrange things well in my suitcase or car, rather I seem to lack the ability to limit what I bring. I always wonder what I'll actually be in the mood to wear and even sometimes what array of activities I might do, so, it is rather inevitable-- I overpack.

I'm getting ready to head home for about a week (to work on our house as we continue getting it ready to put on the market.) While normally a trip of this length would entail stuffing my large suitcase to the brim, since most of my spring clothes are still at our house, I don't need to take quite as much with me this time.

I would love to have a new weekender-size bag to throw my things inside, and I can't quite decide which of these bags would make the final cut if I were getting one for the trip (ok, so I might actually need two...)

I might love a bag with a fun print...

This bright orange and white bag from Anny & Me seems perfectly suited for summer.

I adore this DrikaB bag; even with its print and detailing, it still appears neutral enough to pair with a variety of outfits and color palettes.

I don't love looking at this many cars while sitting in traffic, but I do love looking at them on this Orla Kiely travel tote.

I'm not sure which of the above Virginia Johnson bags, available at Beklina, I would want the most, but I am sure if I were taking a trip to the beach, I would love to have either at my side.

Stay Tuned-- more possible bag options later today!


Blair said...

I love these all and have been having the same dilemma between those Virgina Johnson bags as well! And that first bag is just adorable. i am a horrible packer too--I bring every possible outfit I may want to wear and usually wind up wearing the same thing everyday. Hope you have a fun and productive trip home!

vicki archer said...

I'll take the black and white one please, xv.

vicki archer said...

I'll take the black and white one please, xv.

Tina said...

i always seem to overpack my weekend bag! i love all these lovely bags, but that Orla Kiely travel tote is speaking out to me :)


Courtney said...

Man on man I want that last bag!! I love all things by Virginia Johnson. And I wish you the best of luck packing and getting things squared away at home. Let me know when you head back to H-town. xx

words and photo booth moments said...

ahhhh i'm in a craze to pack tonight {and what am i doing? reading this instead!!} if only packing light were as easy as it sounds. great images i love the first two especially, now stop distracting me! x c