Thursday, February 5, 2009

False Alarm

Have you ever heard your car make a noise, and after you've heard it once, you begin to always hear it? You hear it so many times, in fact, you start to wonder whether there may be a problem.

You decide to tell someone (your dad, your husband, a car mechanic, someone with more knowledge of cars than you...,) and you ask them to give it a listen.

Only when they listen, there is no noise. They look at you and say, "Well, I didn't hear anything. Seems like it's fine to me." Substitute a car for a computer, and you have my yesterday.

Apparently, my computer was just being moody when she turned off and refused to restart for me-- she purred back to life for the Genius, as if she had simply been having the most luxurious afternoon nap.

After the very kind Genius ran all his diagnostics and conducted a thorough check-up, he gave her a clean bill of health (surely thinking I was complete hypochondriac with my computer!) I am ecstatic that she is fine, but I did feel a little silly marching in with my problem, only to be told there wasn't one.

I still think it might have something to do with my rigged up power cord- it seems to be especially hot today- so I will be keeping a close eye on that. But, for now, my Mac is back in business. Let's hope it stays that way because we all know that as soon as your car as gotten the all-clear from someone else, that little noise starts back right away...

Oh, and I did get a "Congratulations" from the Genius for having the most tabs open in an internet browser that he had ever seen. He didn't seem to quite understand what I was saying when I told him I probably had "way too many tabs open" at the time of the crash.

When he restarted my browser, there was a look of complete shock and surprise on his face. I was embarrassed and actually tried to cover-up my screen as he exclaimed, "They just keep going!!"

Um, I knew I had a bit of a problem, but I suppose it has now been confirmed. I keep too many tabs open in my browser. I am now going to try to cut back on the number I have open every day- it's like smoking, but with the internet.

Back to LOVE posting's later today or tomorrow!


summer said...

i completely understand your situation with problem-reporting! It's so frustrating!

Anyway, so glad to hear that you're up & running again!

Treacy said...

So glad to hear your baby is going to be fine. The demise of a computer has such long lasting ill effects {sniff}, been there. Great news!

Treacy said...

I forgot to say what great old dashboard images! I'm feeling nostalgic because I recognize one..

Stephanie said...

Hooray for a clean bill of digital health!

vicki archer said...

Glad you are back and glad that Genius sorted it out (maybe, fingers crossed). You leave as many tabs open as you like! xv

Tina said...

i have the same problem with my laptop, i think it's just old & tired (poor thing), it often breaks down when i open too many tabs! in need of a new laptop really but my current one is really light (1.2kg) and everything on market at this weight are just too expensive... wish technology would get there quicker!

ps, amazing photos of vintage cars!

kd said...

Phew, glad she is ok!

Anonymous said...

You had me cracking up with this post! I have been in these exact sorts of situations--especially the thousands of tabs open at once. The worst though is my desktop---it has hundreds of icons and it drives my husband CRAZY!

Juste said...

oh!!!i understand you!! i always hear strange sounds form my PC. and is always seems that only i can hair them:///maybe i am to anxious about that..

kim said...

This scenario happens to me all the time - but with my own body.

One day my knee pops, or my ears feel achy. It doesn't go away and I end up going to the doctor...and then they tell me I'm imagining it.

And probably laugh at me after I leave.