Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Table for 8 (or more...)

I am absolutely loving this dining room. I adore the pairing of rustic and modern elements in the space and the simple, clean lines of the table.

This table also looks like a possible DIY project, and, in times when we're all keeper tighter tabs on our pocketbooks, who doesn't love a more budget conscious option?

Melanie Acevedo

And since the bench provides the ability for people to "squeeze in," it is perfect for a large family and is also forgiving of any last minute additions to the guest list; with this set up, there is always room for one more!


Tina said...

this is gorgeous, with beautiful table settings, natural wood bench to match! i'd love to squeeze in for a cozy dinner ;)

alice said...

I have similar modern chairs that I was trying to phase out... maybe I'll rethink it after seeing how well these work in this picture! What a pretty buffet in the background too!

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh yes, I love this mix of rustic and modern, dark and light and perfect symmetry. Feel free to invite me to this dinner party ;)

please sir said...

I LOVE this look - mixing old and new is the greatest thing ever!

Juste said...

o love the colorsĄ light room, dark chairs and details on the table looks wonderful!

words and photo booth moments said...

that is a great table.

h a p p y2009!! x c