Thursday, January 29, 2009

Season of Love

Love and hearts. Hearts and love. Yesterday's post was just the beginning.

nataliej's flickr

Even though the years I have celebrated Valentine's Day with a special someone are far outnumbered by the ones I've celebrated without, I have always adored the holiday.

Yes, it is a Hallmark holiday. Yes, it is over-commercialized. Yes, it is often marked with some horribly cheesy gifts. Yes, yes, yes.

Yet it is a holiday that ultimately celebrates love, and, I believe that is something we can always celebrate. Our love for our families. Our love for our friends. Maybe even our love for a special someone.

Sure, we don't, or shouldn't, need a holiday to tell us to do this. But a day that is put aside solely for celebrating love? Perfect. For there is no such thing as having too much love, nor can we acknowledge our loves too much.


Blair said...

Lovely post and I could not agree more! Also, that confection looks delicious.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I agree! And love that photo--so pretty!

Tina said...

definitely with you on that courtney, oh and that lovely picture is making me hungry for sweets ;)

Pink Heels said...

May you be surrounded by love throughout the month of February and beyond!

ambika said...

My ex used to get vday cards from his mom every year, which I thought was super sweet. Yes, it's commercialized but there are definitely ways to get around that.

please sir said...

I like Valentines day too...nothing overly mushy, but just a fun day to celebrate love!