Thursday, December 4, 2008

Put A Cork In It

I considered cork as an option for my kitchen when I was replacing the floor, and although I didn't select it, I still adore the idea of cork floors and would be thrilled to have one at some point. I love that cork is an eco-friendly product and that there's such a wide variety of styles to be found.

While I love the idea of cork floors, I looove the idea of cork walls. It adds such warmth to rooms, as evident in the photos below. It would be fabulous to have an entire cork wall in a studio where I could pin inspirational images 'til my heart's content.

And, of course, cork would be a very wise decision for dampening sound from a certain large dog who enjoys a good bark now and again (don't worry, Itchy, I am not naming names.)


alissa said...

I was just at a clients office tonight for a party - we put cork floors in their lobby. They look great! I think you have to get the right kind - make sure its stable. but its a great material!

Tina said...

beautiful walls & floors, i love the idea of having a massive pin board, would be great for a small office! the floors are fab too

Team Wicanders said...

Hi Courtney,
Thanks for mentioning Wicanders Cork Oak Flooring, and for posting the photo of our new Cork Plank with Microbevel. If any of your readers need literature or more information, our blog is full of info they may find useful. Also, about cork walls, Wicanders makes that too!
Team Wicanders

Blair said...

I have to be honest I had only seen cork floors a couple times and really didn't like the way they looked. But these cork floors and walls completely changed my mind! Thank you for showing how beautiful they can be.

Blair said...

Ok, and I am not craving a cork wall in my home office (well nook)!

Apt. #34 said...

i used to have horrible cork walls growing up, but cork has whole new life now.

Anonymous said...

I just love the beauty of cork flooring!

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