Thursday, November 6, 2008

Up Around the Bend

I mentioned in my profile that my husband, E, is in the midst of a career change, and, right now, this is a little how life feels to me-

Because everything does feel six of one, half dozen of another, I am worried about making the wrong decision. I'm worried as we try to find the right answer, we will over-analyze or not analyze enough (thought that is decidedly less likely.)

I know nothing is permanent, that this next step is just a starting block to whatever lies ahead for us, but I want E and I to be able to start this next chapter of our lives on the right foot.

Things feel as hazy to me as this photo above. Here's hoping that by the weekend things are much clearer, and E & I are starting to see what's around the bend.


vicki archer said...

Don't think too hard, trust your instincts and the right decision will come to both of you. Remember, whatever you decide will be the right decision once it is made. xv

citysage said...

Sounds like a really trying time for both of you Courtney. My husband and I recently made a big life change when we moved from the hustle and bustle of New York City to a small California town. There are things that we miss about NY, and things that we were glad to leave behind, things that we love about our new home, and things that are already driving us crazy! But knowing that we are in this together is what makes everything feel not just manageable but exciting and full of love.

I wish you all the joys and happiness in the world, whatever decision you make!

Courtney said...

Thank you both so much for your thoughts and wishes.

Vicki- You are very right that whatever we decide will be the right decision once it is made.

Anne- I didn't realize you weren't in the "City" anymore :) And yes, what will make it exciting is knowing we are in it together!

coco+kelley said...

good luck with everything girlie! please keep me posted!! (and that second image... just beautiful!)

Kimberlee said...

All the best to you and E as you decide what path to take in this next stage in your life. I'll be thining of you guys! xxxxx

Courtney said...

Wishing you peace and calmness about the decision. Just remember Courtney, it's only a move. I know it feels like a huge jump...but who says you can't turn around in life and go back to where you are now? Give life a go, jump in with both feet, and know that nothing is ever permanent.

Thinking of you. xx

dolcechic said...

Best of luck to you! :)

You picked a great song!!!!