Thursday, November 13, 2008

How It's Made {Globes}

This video is a little long- close to five minutes- but it's worth the watch if you like to see how things are made. I found the process of manufacturing globes completely fascinating! And, at the end of the video, I loved seeing all the globes moving across the ceiling of the factory. Pretty cool.


citysage said...

This was at once fascinating and hilarious---I had such a nostalgia throwback moment while watching it. Like being in 7th grade science, right down to the narrator's cheesy puns!

I'm going to forward this to my father in law---he's a civil engineer and he LOVES this sort of 'so that's how they do it' stuff. thanks courtney!

Rebecca said...

who knew! brilliant.

Tina said...

wow, this has really opened up my eyes! now if i were ever faced with the question "how do you make a globe", i'd be an expert on that! :)

also, the whole maps theme made me think of this little design house that uses maps for homeware & stationery

Courtney said...

so very very cool! Great video link Courtney!

Courtney said...

Anne- yes, it was a little like a video from middle school science class! Ha!

And I'm glad the rest of you enjoyed it too!