Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Elements {Cal-a-Vie}

Since I didn't post an entry for Wedding Wednesday yesterday, I thought I'd post a Three Elements today.

A few days ago, Joni posted about Cal-a-Vie, a spa in southern California. Looking through the photos, I was struck by how lovely the Chapel was, and I immediately wanted to incorporate it into an inspiration board.

The first inspiration board is lush with shades of yellow, orange, and green and features lemons (and some oranges) in the decor. As I said before, I love fruit incorporated into a wedding!

The second board is more muted than the first and features natural linen accented by chocolate brown and lavender. While I can't say that lavender is my most favorite color, when I saw the agapanthus in the photo of the entry to Cal-a-Vie, I knew that it would be a perfect shade for one board.

The three elements incorporated this week are:

Cal-a-Vie Inspiration Board 1
Row 1: L to R- Cal-a-Vie via Cote de Texas, Adrienne Page via Snippet & Ink, KT Merry Photography via Southern Weddings
Row 2: Fete, Gentl & Hyers, Blue Nalu Photography via Southern Weddings, John Partridge
Row 3: The Paper Pony, Jamie Hammond via Snippet & Ink, Mark Lund
Row 4: Kristi Blunt, Wedding Style Guide, Ariella Chezar, KT Merry Photography via Southern Weddings

Cal-a-Vie Inspiration Board 2
Row 1: L to R- Cal-a-Vie via Cote de Texas, Mark Lund, Our Labor of Love
Row 2: Ashely Garmon, Nicolangela, Marisa Holmes via The Bride's Cafe, Gentl & Hyers
Row 3: Cal-a-Vie via Cote de Texas, Pia Jane Bijkerk, Ashley Garmon
Row 4: A Desert Fete via Once Wed, Ryan Phillips, Sherman Chu via The Bride's Cafe, John Partridge



It's nice to have a mood & inspiration boards... I'd do the same...

Kimberlee said...

you are so talented Miss Courtney - I love them! x

Cote de Texas said...

How utterly gorgeous! - I love these. After I posted this, my mom called to tell me that she had gone this summer to a dinner party in that church. Everyone was told to wear white - she said it was so beautiful!!! small world.


Stephanie said...

Your boards always make me want to go to parties.

Those yellow shoes in the first one are calling my name!

Treacy said...

The first example is my all time favorite inspiration board yet! It's beauty just takes my breathe away.

citysage said...

Wow- gorgeous boards! I love how you've taken the same three elements as starting points and shown how they can be incorporated into two completely different yet equally spectacular events! Makes me want to plan my wedding all over again. But I'm happy to get my wedding fix from you!

Courtney said...

Lenorenevermore- I agree, it is nice to have mood and inspiration boards.

Kimberlee- Thank you.

Joni- How great and wild that your mom attended a party there this summer!

Stephanie- I always want to go to parties after I make a board too :)

Treacy- I was really happy with the way the first board turned out too. Thanks for such kind words.

Anne- I've always felt I could have had at least five different weddings because there are so many styles I love! I think these boards are my fix too :)