Thursday, October 2, 2008

Red or Green?

While I love the vibrant and deep shade of Red Delicious apples, I can't say that I love their taste quite as much. I do love Fuji, Gala, and Pink Lady apples, however, as well as a tart Granny Smith. Whether I want red or green really just depends on my mood, and sometimes, the answer is both!

Red or Green?
(I actually am loving this and this)

How about you? What type of apples do you prefer?


Jane Flanagan said...

Red crunchy ones!
Green ones in pies :)

Stephanie said...

Ooh - I like the greenish ones that have a little bit of red on their cheeks.

Mmm. Apples.

Courtney said...

I'm a Fuji or Gala girl. With peanut butter on top. YUMMMMM! I love apples!!